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Cyble Vision


Cyble Vision, our SaaS based enterprise platform, provides 360° visibility of exploitable vulnerabilities in your digital and social footprint.
Witness the power of Industry-leading machine learning and human analytics to deliver predictive and actionable threat intelligence - all at its upstream

  • Predictive and Periodic Risk Assessment
  • Deep & Dark Web Intelligence
  • Cyber Crime Monitoring
  • Security Scoring Reports
  • Actionable Intelligence
  • Brand Reputation Monitoring
  • Fraud Detection and Credit Card BIN Monitoring
  • Cyber Threat Remediation


World's Largest Data Breach, Dark Web Monitoring & Notification Platform

Ever wondered if your email accounts, phone numbers, login credentials, and Credit Card information that you enter on websites are safe or not?
The answer is simple – NO, it is not!
That is where we come in! With AmIBreached we help you discover and track whether your sensitive data has been compromised in the threat landscape of the Internet.

  • Expanded Visibility of Threat Indicators
  • Ascertaining Exposure in Deep and Dark Web
  • Detection of Identity Fraud
  • Prevention of Account Takeovers
  • Obtaining Risk Score

Our Capabilities

Darkweb monitoring

Identify key cybersecurity events from over billions of pages analyzed daily and along with datapoints from the dark web

Cybercrime Intelligence

Detailed reports on 350+ threat actors and their TTPs and over 700 malware operations

Attack Surface Management

Discover unknown vulnerable assets or known assets that are misconfigured including S3 storages

Monitoring of Public-facing Infrastructure

Conduct regular discoveries to surface risks within your public-facing environment

Code Leakage Detection

Protect your organization against sensitive code leakages through our scans across billions of development repositories

Brand Reputation Monitoring

Detect imprecise domains and malware campaigns targeting your organization

Third party Suppliers Scoring

Acquire the risk posture of third party vendors from our repository of 3.5 million ready reports

Fraud Intelligence

Get visibility of Credit Card fraud and Identity Theft through actionable intel on fraudulent schemes

Incident Response

Based on indicators of compromise, obtain strategic insights for the containment and neutralization of threats well in advance

Why Cyble?

At Cyble, we combine game-changing threat detection with innovative products and round-the-clock service to minimize your risk and proactively protect your brand.

  • We have an Edge

    Cyble has been an industry leader in detecting and responding to breaches. When we know, you will know too.

  • 360° Visibility

    Safeguard your business from digital threats across all your domains, emails, social media, mobile app stores, or the deep and dark web.

  • Extensive data set

    Our services are backed by billions of robust data sets consisting of Dark web and Deep web content, setting a solid foundation for our threat monitoring services.

  • Tailored to your needs

    Discover threats that directly matter to you and map our advance intelligence to adapt to your needs.

  • 24/7/365 Support

    Our researchers are on a constant look out for credential leaks in the Deep and Dark web and immediately report details on any compromised email/username.

  • Integrity 

    We never trade your information on the dark web! We are uniquely qualified to identify, classify, and maintain sensitive data

Our Achievements


We have been recognized by Forbes as one of the top 20 Best Cybersecurity Startups To Watch In 2020, based on our ability to attract new customers, current and projected revenue growth, and ability to adapt our solutions to the ever-changing threat landscape.

Y Combinator

As part of the 2021 Winter Cohort of Y Combinator, Cyble is backed by Y Combinator in scaling new heights and advancing our operations.

APAC CIOoutlook

Cyble was part of a list compiled by APAC CIO Outlook featuring the Top 10 Cyber Security Companies in APAC 2020, based on our core competency in providing organizations with real-time digital risk intelligence and helping them respond to risks faster and more efficiently.

Gov Radar

Cyble secured a spot among the Top 100 Software Companies for Security Agencies.


Cyble is funded by Cylon and is a proud Accelerate 3. We are supported by organisations such as Singtel Innov8 and NUS Enterprise.


Cyble was the winner of the GovWare 2019 Start-up Pitch Competition.

Cyble In The News

We’re a respected voice in the cyber security industry on account of the credibility of our leading edge research. The news below showcases our incessant endeavors to strengthen the cyber security community by delivering threat intelligence to our clients whenever and wherever they may need it.