Industry Challenge

The overall maturity of supplier cyber risk management programs is virtually unchanged in the face of an increasingly challenging external risk and regulatory environment. The current practices are manual, non-integrated and point-in-time view. With hundreds or thousands of vendors, many organisations find themselves unable to keep pace with vendor assessments. In our opinion, the current practice is unsustainable and provides a skewed, if not completely accurate, about the supplier cyber risks.

Our Approach


Using our platform, organisations are not only able to perform due diligence when selecting or renewing vendors, automate their cyber risk assessments enriched with targeted intelligence, but also assists remediating supplier threats and risk more promptly, so that business can be done safely and with confidence.


How We Help

  • reducing cost by increasing efficiencies in supply chain risk management process through ‘contextualised’ automation and intelligence (machine learning)
  • proactively detecting supply chain cyber threats and risks, through open-source intelligence (over 8 billion web pages parsed daily, including major social media and search engines sites), deepweb and darkweb (over 20 billion records), and assist customers in remediation of them through our integrated workflow management with suppliers
  • making suppliers life easy – giving them the ability to share similar information with multiple organisations and reducing inefficiencies
  • providing relevant data points to CXO to enhance their confidence in supply chain cyber risk management processes

Third-Party Cyber Risk Automation

We provide integrated third-party risk automation capabilities and reduce the assessment time by over 80%. Our automation engine is powered by Cyble’s OSINT and Darkweb and Deepweb monitoring capabilities.


Third-Party Adaptive Security Scoring

Cyble’s platform supports over 20 technical (infrastructure security) and non-technical signals (financial and non-financial) to ascertain risks posed by suppliers. Organisations can choose which signals are relevant for them per their risk appetite.


Darkweb Monitoring


Cyble’s Darkweb Monitoring allows you to detect if your users’ credentials have been compromised in a third-party breach and trafficked on the darkweb so that you can take immediate action to prevent a breach.

AmIBreached – Are you worried about your online identity? Have peace of mind by searching Cyble’s darkweb repository with over 20 billion records to ascertain the risks.