Suppliers Data Breaches


In 2018, 59% of companies experienced a supply chain cybersecurity data breach. Cyble believes that the breaches due to weaknesses in the supply chain cyber security are expected to increase further

Advanced Attacks Through Suppliers


According to Carbon Black’s 2019 Threat Report, 50 percent of today’s supply chain cybersecurity attacks leverage “island hopping”. Cyble has observed advanced threat actors leveraging MSSP to achieve their ultimate goals

Low Level of Preparedness


Cyble noted that two thirds of both cyber security professionals (68%) and IT decision makers (64%) admit their organisation has work to do in supply chain cybersecurity  if they are to be prepared to defend against supply chain attacks.

Financial Damage


Cyble observed that 90% of organisations incurred a financial cost as a result of experiencing their supply chain cybersecurity attack. The average cost of supplier cyber security breach is USD $2m