Q: How much does this cost?

For the ordering customers, there are two elements to the cost model: an annual platform access fee and a per-assessment fee that varies according to tier of service. Platform access fees are paid annually; funds put into your Cyble account to cover assessment fees are evergreen. Once an assessment is ordered and delivered, customers receive access to that assessment and updates for a 12-month period.

Q: Does the service support multiple industries?

Yes. Our approach to creating a unified control framework and mapping that back to various industry-specific standards allows us to support all industries.

Q: How are the assessments updated to reflect new regulations and standards?

We are continuously evaluating new regulations and best practices as they are announced to address any control gaps and ensure adequate coverage over relevant risks. These are incorporated as part of our periodic content change management process.

Q: Is there mapping for NIST and ISO, and others?

The control framework that enables our assessments is aligned with the principles of various industry-leading standards—including NIST 800-53, ISO, PCI, HIPAA, OCC, NY-DFS, FFIEC and others. We can provide you with a PDF that illustrates how our assessments map to these standards.