With increasing online activity and expanding digital footprint, the overall digital attack surface of an organization extends.


Dark web monitoring

Visibility Of Exposure On The Dark Web

Detect tangible intelligence on compromised credentials, personal information and data breaches through routine monitoring of the Dark web and Deep web.

Cybercrime Intelligence 

Dismantle Threats Before They Attack

Make informed security decisions based on evidence-based knowledge on the threat actor, their capabilities, and indicators of compromise in your systems.

Attack Surface Management

Identify Vulnerabilities In Your Infrastructure

Conduct routine scanning for attack surface risks and proactively mitigate weaknesses based on their level of priority and risk score.

Public-infrastructure monitoring

Critical 24 x 7 x 365 Infrastructure Protection

Schedule regular hunting exercises to detect threats and zero in on vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure that merit immediate attention.

Code Leakage Detection

Identify Potential Areas Of Information Leakage

Prevent the leakage of hard coded credentials that give attackers access to the IT and development environment and further lead to cyber security nightmares.

Brand Reputation Monitoring 

Empowering You To Protect Your Brand

Manage reputational risks through 360° visibility of digital platforms and take down malicious content from websites, applications and domains.

Third party Suppliers Scoring 

Gain Visibility Into Threats From Third-party Eco-system

Leverage our deep, dark and surface web intelligence capabilities to gauge the risk posed by third parties threat vectors.

Fraud Intelligence 

Continous Monitoring For Fraud Detection

Gain intelligence of underground markets that facilitate identity theft and sell unauthorized Credit Card credentials.

Incident Response

Tailored Remediation For Threat Mitigation

Obtain strategic insights for the containment and neutralization of threats based on indicators of compromise.

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