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Aftermath of a data breach

Since the launch of, several subscribers have reached out to our team to understand the next steps or what-to-do after a data breach has been discovered. In this post, we will be discussing some of the strategies to understand the risks and some of the actions which could mitigate the risks.

To truly understand the effect of a data breach, it’s critical to understand what information has got compromised and what hackers can do with it. Let’s a couple of scenarios –

  • Non-sensitive breach – There are a massive number of data breaches where usernames and passwords are breached. The username may include email addresses as well. In such events, we advise the following steps to our readers:
    • Change your account passwords immediately, and if possible, turn on 2-factor authentication
    • Change passwords of all other accounts using the same or similar password. Almost every leading email service provider such as Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365 supports 2-factor authentication and we highly recommend to turn them on
    • Reach out to the affected party to understand the extent of the breach. In order to understand the real impact of the breach, we do advise to connect with the concerned party to ascertain the overall risks
  • Sensitive breach – There are some breaches where personal information such as credit card numbers, passports, license or other sensitive information is compromised. Here are some steps which users can consider
    • In addition to the previously mentioned steps, contact your financial institution about the breach. Advise them of the situation, and seek for a replacement credit card
    • Monitor your credit card transaction diligently for any anomalies
    • Should you sensitive document such as a passport is breached, contact the issuing agency, and ask for a replacement option or seek for other alternative option
    • Consider subscribing to a credit monitoring agency as well

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